Every 天主教纪念 student is required to have a device that will facilitate his education both in the classroom and at home. 这些设备所需的最低硬件和软件规格, along with a Home Technology Readiness Checklist and a list of 经常 Asked Questions can be found below.

The 虽然tful inclusion of 技术 resources throughout the curriculum will not only enhance the educational experience for all of our students but also better prepare them for the collegiate and work environments they will encounter beyond 天主教纪念.

Below are recommended minimum standards for families purchasing computers for their sons to meet 天主教纪念’s 技术 requirements. Please note that a device that meets ANY of these requirements will be sufficient to run the full range of productivity and educational applications that a typical student will need during his time at CM. Selecting a device with higher requirements will provide better performance and may extend its useful lifespan.


更好的 最好的
处理器 英特尔酷睿i5 英特尔酷睿i7 英特尔酷睿i7
内存 8GB 16GB 16+GB
存储 256gb SSD 256gb SSD 512+ gb SSD
操作系统  Windows 11主页 Windows 11主页 Windows 11专业版
网络摄像头 是的 是的 是的
USB 是的 是的 是的
HDMI No No 是的
  • 处理器 – We recommend Intel over AMD processors because we feel they provide better performance, 可靠性, 和兼容性.
  • 制造商 – We have no strong preferences regarding brands but suggest families choose one which they have researched for durability and 可靠性 or are comfortable with based on their own experience.  The HP and Lenovo brands shown above were selected merely as typical price point examples.  与之规格相当的苹果电脑也很出色, 尽管通常, 稍微贵一点的选择.
  • 零售商 -笔记本电脑是价格几乎每天都在变化的商品.  We strongly encourage families to shop around for the best pricing when they are ready to make a purchase.  经常, specific models being phased out are still excellent computers but may be steeply discounted.
  • USB – While most students store and exchange files with faculty and other students via cloud storage, we encourage families to choose devices that have some USB ports which not only allow the use of a thumb drive but also facilitate the connection of external devices like keyboards and mice.
  • 微软办公软件 -学生无需购买微软办公软件.  他们的CM电子邮件帐户包括免费使用Office产品套件.
这似乎不是很久以前的事, a single laptop or desktop computer with an attached printer in each home was more than enough to meet the needs of an entire family. A little juggling of schedules was adequate to overcome any conflicts that might arise among family members. 近年来, 虽然, 技术 has become more central in completing homework and facilitating parents working from home, 与此同时, our homes and entertainment experiences have become far more internet dependent as well. 最近, the remote working and learning requirements brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic have brought to the forefront the importance of being deliberate and 虽然tful in planning our at-home 技术 environments. 确保所有家庭成员都有适当的空间, 技术, and capacity to complete their daily activities has been both essential and at times challenging.

来帮助解决这些挑战, here are a few simple guidelines for families to consider with respect to their home 技术 environments. 虽然不是一个详尽的列表, 下面列出的是一些最重要的项目, 对它们的关注将为所有人带来最大的利益.


  • 互联网带宽

    这是最重要的考虑因素. 随着越来越多的家庭设备共用一个互联网连接, the strain increases on available bandwidth as determined by the contract with your Internet provider (Verizon Fios, 这个公司也, 普查, 等.). 特别是, the increase in streaming video for remote classes and 会议 places a high demand on bandwidth. 节省带宽, consider turning off video when possible for 会议 and classes and rely exclusively on audio. Turn off devices that are not necessary but may be consuming internet bandwidth, 比如流媒体音频服务. 虽然没有使用大量的带宽,但每一点都有帮助. 使用在线应用程序来测试你的网络连接速度. 如果你的设备继续表现不佳, it may be worthwhile talking to your provider about options to upgrade your service.
  • 无线覆盖范围

    Most households use wireless services to connect the many devices in the home to the internet. 经常, 虽然, your internet router does not provide good coverage throughout the entire house, and there may be many spots with weak or even no signal where it would be beneficial to use connected devices. 网络扩展器可以帮助解决这个问题. 这些产品可以很容易地通过技术零售商购买, but their configuration and location are important to maximize their usefulness. Poorly placed or configured extenders can actually worsen network performance, so be sure to get technical assistance from the retailer or your internet provider first. 另外,确保在无线网络上启用安全功能. 你不想成为你邻居的互联网供应商.
  • 印刷

    尽管越来越多的文件通过电子方式交换和提交, 纸质材料在亚博博彩官网的生活中仍然扮演着重要的角色. 同时拥有可以打印的多功能设备, 扫描, 复制似乎是一种奢侈, 它在促进工作和学校活动方面有很大的价值. Most are now capable of wireless connection and can be placed anywhere with sufficient wireless signal. Consider placing it in a location that is accessible to all but where the noise will not disturb others in the household.
  • 充电设备

    Identify locations where your devices can be conveniently charged when not in use and, 最好是, 可以在长时间使用或过夜时插入电源吗.
  • 舒适的工作空间

    A couch or bed may seem like a comfortable short-term location for completing some work, 但对于长时间持续工作或学习来说,这并不理想. Identify specific spaces where each family member can work which has good lighting; available power; sufficient space for textbooks, 笔记本电脑, and other resources; and comfortable ergonomics.
  • 共享设备

    In a fully remote environment, everyone frequently needs to be working simultaneously. Each user will likely need his own device in order to complete work and assignments in a timely way, 完成必要的最后期限, 参加安排好的活动,比如上课, 会议, 或在线研讨会. Consequently, it is often simply impractical for family members to share computers.



  • 苹果产品被允许使用还是被推荐使用?

    是的.  Apple products with specifications similar to those listed for Windows computers are acceptable options for students al虽然 they tend to be somewhat higher in cost.

    请注意:ipad 符合天主教纪念医院“工作设备”的要求.
  • 如果我儿子有笔记本电脑,他还需要一个单独的计算器吗?

    Most classes will now use online calculator and graphing tools in place of a traditional hand-held calculator. Some classes may require an inexpensive calculator like a TI-30 (about $18) for taking exams, and certain AP classes like AP Statistics and AP Calculus require the use of a graphing calculator (e.g. TI-84或更高).
  • 一台电脑应该使用多长时间?

    This depends on both the initial specifications of the computer when purchased and the care it receives during its use. Buying a more robust computer initially will often extend its lifetime for a few more years. 一般来说,笔记本电脑的平均使用寿命应该在三到五年左右.
  • How will you ensure that academic integrity is maintained since students can so easily exchange documents?

    虽然技术可以促进作弊,但这个问题并不新鲜. Cell phones and other devices have been a potential source of cheating for many years now, 为了解决这个问题, 天主教纪念 has a clear code of ethics and stringent rules regarding academic integrity in our Student Handbook. 此外,Turnitin等技术资源.com provide faculty with additional tools to identify and discourage plagiarism and other inappropriate use of 技术 in the classroom. Failure to adhere to the policies will result in disciplinary action consistent with the guidelines of the handbook.
  • 我儿子已经有了一台Chromebook. 这符合要求吗?

    chromebook很不错, introductory computers for basic productivity tasks like word processing and web browsing, but we feel they are not robust enough to meet the needs of a student throughout his high school career. 因此,亚博博彩官网不建议购买.  If, 然而, 你已经有一个了, it is acceptable to use until such time as it doesn’t meet the needs of the student or the technical requirements of a particular class.

    请注意:ipad 符合天主教纪念医院“工作设备”的要求.
  • 我是否应该为设备订阅杀毒软件?

    是的! Every device connected to the internet should be protected by a reputable antivirus and internet protection product such as Norton 360. It is very important that these products be kept up to date and active at all times.
  • 亚博博彩官网是否应该为设备购买延长保修期或服务合同?

    这通常是个人偏好, 但作为规则, 亚博博彩官网认为它们提供的价值不足以抵消其成本.
  • 亚博博彩官网在CM不止有一个儿子. 兄弟姐妹可以共享设备吗?

    No. Since students will use the computer both for in-class work and homework assignments, 各人要有自己的器具.
  • 你推荐什么牌子的电脑?在哪里买?

    We have no strong preferences regarding brands but suggest families choose one which they have researched for durability and 可靠性 or are comfortable with based on their own experience. 此外,由于笔记本电脑是价格几乎每天都在变化的商品. We strongly encourage families to shop around for the best pricing when they are ready to make a purchase. 经常, specific models being phased out are still excellent computers but may be steeply discounted.
  • 我应该购买哪些外围设备和配件?

    学生的设备上应该有摄像头和麦克风. Additionally, they generally will find it beneficial to have earbuds and a USB drive.
  • 我应该给我儿子买什么软件让他在课堂上使用?

    The basic software a student will need is 微软办公软件 and a web browser. Office comes free to students with their CM-issued Office 365 account and Chrome is our recommended browser since it is the recommended browser for our Student Information System and online learning platform, onCampus. 某些课程可能需要额外的软件或许可证.g. AP计算机科学), and those typically will be specified as part of the book purchase for those courses or instructions will be given by the faculty to download the software if it is free to use.
  • 我儿子在课堂上用电脑做什么?

    From doing individual and group writing assignments to research projects to analyzing data and numerically solving mathematical equations to creating CAD designs of objects that can be 3D printed, 教育活动的范围几乎是无限的! Having every student in every class have access to a device provides faculty with tremendous flexibility for being creative in finding new and innovative ways to approach their disciplines.
  • 亚博博彩官网从哪里获得技术支持或硬件维修?

    CM’s Information Technology department provides basic technical support to students. This includes troubleshooting connectivity issues to the school’s WIFI network or access issues to any of CM’s information resources like onCampus or Office 365. 因为电脑不是学校所有的, 然而, 它们对于软件问题所能提供的总体支持是有限的, 他们不进行任何硬件维修. 维修只能由授权的维修机构进行, 特别是如果一个设备在保修期内.
  • 我儿子将把他的文件存储在哪里,他如何备份这些文件?

    Each student receives free access to OneDrive cloud storage as part of his CM-issued Office 365 account. We strongly recommend that students be diligent about keeping their files in this space to minimize data loss. Files stored on the local hard drives of computers are more vulnerable in the event of a hardware failure. 任何本地存储的文件, 虽然, should be regularly backed up to a USB or other external storage device as a precaution.
  • 我儿子能在上学的时候给他的电脑充电吗?

    While there will be some classrooms and other locations throughout the school where students can plug in and recharge during the day, 学生将被要求每天带一个充满电的设备到学校. 在大多数情况下,电池应该足够使用一整天.
  • Will my son be able to purchase e-textbooks in place of hardcopies of the book?

    这因类别而异, but 天主教纪念 has committed to selecting only texts that have electronic versions available as new editions and new textbooks are selected for all of our courses.
  • 我儿子家里需要一台打印机吗? CM可以打印吗?

    While more and more assignments are being accepted and processed electronically, 仍然需要材料的印刷本. 亚博博彩官网强烈建议你在家里有一台打印机. 在上课期间,CM还为学生提供打印设备.
  • 我儿子会在每节课上每天都使用这个设备吗?

    While we strongly believe that appropriate use of 技术 in a classroom greatly enhances the educational experience, there are certainly activities and classes in which 技术 can be a distraction to the learning environment. Faculty in each class will ultimately make the determination when 技术 should and should not be used in their classroom.


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